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Product Description

The Espresso Portable Machine is a specially designed portable design for enthusiasts who like to drink the perfect espresso on the go. The modern design and the matte black design give the Nespresso machine a unique look.

Modern technology and design

The Espresso Portable Machine is an intuitive and user-friendly coffee machine, designed for lovers of modern design. The Nespresso machine includes only one programmable button with automatic espresso stop function that makes the machine easy to use. This way you have a freshly prepared espresso at the touch of a button.

 1 year manufacturer's warranty
Forerunner of the rest with the best technology
✅Self cleaning functioni
Portable / Compact design; easy to take with you on the go
✅ Rechargeable
✅ Perfectly prepared espresso in seconds
✅Fully automatic
✅Efficient and practical
✅ High pressure pump
✅Two rechargeable ways; can be charged both at home and in the car
✅ Works with cold and hot water: Battery is good for 3 Espressos when cold water (25 ℃) is used and 200 Espressos when hot water (90 ℃) is used.

The Espresso Portable Machine is portable and boils water powered by a rechargeable Li battery 3x2600mah. The water is heated to over 90 degrees C. A compact and lightweight outdoor design, fits easily in your bag and can be used in the car using a 12v 7A car cable. Includes an 18 Bar Max automatic pump and heater for brewing premium espresso with rich and smooth flavor. For the use of Nespresso or L'OR Capsules. For indoors you can use the accompanying 12V 2A wall adapter to charge completely wirelessly for 2 hours. The machine contains a self cleaning function.

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